Corporate Investigations

Executive Screening and Background Investigations

Organizations on many levels face the task of navigating a senior executive level transition or the need to appoint an individual at the CEO, CFO, COO positions and a potential new member of the board of directors. In today’s climate, one cannot simply rely on word of mouth, or a passed resume to verify education, professional accomplishments, reputation or absence of a potential ethical transgression. Pinnacle Investigations has assisted Fortune 100 Companies and many smaller to mid-size organizations in screening candidates for senior level executive positions during their transition process. In a time where companies and boards need to be fully informed prior to a critical decision, Pinnacle Investigations has a long track record of conducting an unobtrusive and appropriate in-depth background investigation with absolute confidentiality prior to an appointment.

Our methodical process utilizing both proprietary and public resources, open source materials, federal records, public agency filings, international records, media, and watchlists, among many others coupled with experienced analysis of our research analysts ensures clients are provided with clarity in their decision. Clients can be ensured to have fulfilled proactive due diligence obligations and receive return of value for their investment into a senior executive level candidate.

We invite you to contact us and discuss additional screening options and how Pinnacle Investigations can benefit you through this type of transition.