Due Diligence Services

Domestic and International Due Diligence Investigations

Pinnacle Investigations is the trusted source and has a proven track record in conducting global due diligence investigations. Clients have come to rely on our professional services, core knowledge and boutique customer service.

Pinnacle Investigations serves clients by providing domestic and international Due Diligence Investigations related to:

  • Private Equity, Family Offices and Venture Capital Due Diligence
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Third Party (FCPA) Due Diligence
  • Vetting Strategic Partners — Know Your Customer
  • Screening Executive Level Employees
  • Standards of Business Conduct Investigations


In today’s age of expunged cases, sealed litigation or destroyed records, our rigorous methodology permits you to scrutinize the representations, material facts and reputations for the companies and people you do business with. Our process identifies hard to find or long lost records and will advance your understanding of the background and reputation of the parties with whom you intend to conduct business.

We have a complete staff of research analysts who assist the investigative staff in conducting and coordinating all phases of due diligence investigations, including:

  • Gathering information on internal and external reputation
  • Verifying management backgrounds
  • Ethical track records
  • Searching for regulatory compliance
  • Civil, environmental and regulatory liabilities
  • Identification of non-disclosure of material facts


Pinnacle’s Due Diligence Investigations have grown with our globalization. Our electronic business solutions and global network of over forty-five (45) highly vetted associates enable the delivery of international professional services 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Our on the ground trusted resources produce information that is gathered by our team of professionals and synthesized to assist clients in making strategic, legal and well informed decisions.

We invite you to contact us and discuss how Pinnacle Investigations can become an investigative partner that can substantially benefit your company.