Litigation Support & Business Investigations

Insurance & SIU Support Investigations

Intelligence support, through field investigation, open-source and public record research, is a key component to a successful Special Investigations Unit (SIU) team. Pinnacle Investigations has a nearly thirty (30) year proven track record of providing this support to Special Investigations Units of major insurance companies across the nation. Pinnacle’s highly skilled Research Analysts work closely with legal professionals and SIU personnel to provide their assistance, which includes but is not limited to the following professional services:

  • Identification and retrieval of public records
  • Uncovering and documentation of digital data and online information
  • Effective retrieval of county filings nationwide
  • Trial and deposition experience

Clients rely upon Pinnacle Investigations, knowing that staff is trained to gather facts and uncover the intelligence needed to mitigate their claims in the following areas:

Accident Investigations

To facilitate motor vehicle accident claims, Pinnacle Investigations provides a full range of services that evaluate the facts of a particular matter.

  • Witness Location/Interviews/Statements
  • Prior/Subsequent Injury Histories
  • Internet/Social Networking/Media Profiles
  • Scene Inspection/Photos/Diagrams
  • Security Camera Canvass & Video Procurement
  • Traffic Light Sequence Study
  • Vehicle Condition Documentation


After all possible intelligence has been gathered and the background investigation has been filed, clients often turn to Pinnacle Investigations for video surveillance to complete their claims investigation. Pinnacle Investigations’ surveillance team is provided the knowledge, training and equipment to document the claimant in any situation. Staff is continually trained to support their findings in deposition and trial settings.