Due Diligence Services

Vetting of Senior Executives and Strategic Partners

Vetting of Senior Executives

Pinnacle Investigations has assisted several Fortune 100 Companies in screening candidates for senior level executive positions. The rigorous process we use entails in-depth retrieval and analysis of both proprietary and public resources. Pinnacle Investigations’ service in this area has assisted corporations in the selection of CEO, CFO, COO level positions and candidates for the board of directors, all without a single breach of confidentiality. In each instance, the interests of the client and the candidate have always been completely protected.

We maintain the utmost confidentiality due to the level of executive. Factors such as current employment, SEC considerations and professional reputation require absolute confidentiality.

We invite you to contact us and discuss any special requirements or additional screening investigations and how Pinnacle Investigations can become an investigative partner that will substantially benefit your company.

Vetting of Strategic Partners, Vendors and Personnel

Today’s global economy demands thorough vetting of strategic partners and vendors. Utilizing a methodic approach with resources in 45 plus countries, Pinnacle Investigations conducts in-depth due diligence to verify reputation or uncover misrepresentation of material facts.

Pinnacle Investigations maintains a staff of analysts, investigators and report writers with the expertise to conduct the needed research on financial health, professional reputation and make informed decisions.